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Weird Florida

Ah, Florda: sun, surf, sand, South Beach and senior citizens.  That's about it, right?  Well, no, not exactly,  Florida is also one of the best places to chart your weirdest travel destinations.  And who better to chronicle this state's fables places, roadside wonders, bizarre beasts, and downright peculiar people than Charlie Carlson, a tenth-generation Floridian.  

Charlies has waddled through swamps, trekked the lesser-traveled roads, and visited the weirder destinations of our country's only peninsula state.  He has tracked down impossible-to-believe tales that had just enough truth in them to create the same uneasiness a gator sighting would.  Whether it's the Skunk Ape, the Devil's Chair of Cassadaga, or the She-Man of the Caloosahatchee River, Charlie presents it here for you, our fellow admirers of the weird.  

Weird Florida is packed with all the info about the Sunshine State that your history teacher never taught you.  So travel down our state's highways and byways with our tour guide, Mr. Charlie.  It's a great adventure and a journey you'll never forget!

Author: Charlie Carlson / Format: paperback /  Length: 240 pages

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