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Stricta Air Plant

Tillandsia Stricta is an air plant native to South America that normally grows 5 to 6 inches wide.  It generally has medium green leaves that grow outwards from the center to form a graceful arced shape.  

This plant is prized for its beautiful bloom.  When it matures, it produces a white bloom stalk topped with pink modified leaves known as bracts, from which small flowers will emerge.  The flowers will last only a day, but the showy pink bracts can remain beautiful for almost 3 months resulting in a truly stunning display.

Once the Stricta air plant has bloomed, it will normally develop 1 to 3 new air plants at the base of the mother plant known as pups.  The pups can be removed once they reach the size of the mother plant or they can be left intact to form a clumping display.

Care: Provide your air plant bright filtered light and good air circulation.  It likes temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees but will not survive in freezing temperatures.  You will also need to water your plant 1-2 times per week by thoroughly wetting the leaves.  Do not keep your plant constantly wet or moist as it is prone to rot if you do.  Air plants will grow and bloom better if given a monthly feeding of bromeliad fertilizer.  The Shop at Bok sells fertilizer packs that are specially formulated for air plants.

Note: Depending on the time of the year, the Stricta air plant you receive may or may not be in bloom.  

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