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Vinyl Rugs - El Retiro Bird Tile

These colorful 2mm thick vinyl floor rugs are patterned off one of the Moorish tiles found in El Retiro, a 20-room historic mansion on the grounds of Bok Tower Gardens.  They are non-slip, stain-resistant, easy to clean, hypoallergenic and pet-friendly. They’re also durable, and can help protect your flooring from scratches as well as common wear and tear.

Made from 87% PVC and 13% Polyester, there are no piles or fibers which means spills and stains can be easily removed by using a wet cloth. They are even “Robot Cleaner” friendly (yes, your robot vacuum cleaner can effortlessly clean their surfaces!). Finally, chairs can easily be moved across these vinyl rugs, making them ideal for dining room chairs, and chairs with wheels.

These vinyl rugs are a perfect fit for the modern home – they bring beauty and style with exceptional functionality and ease of use.

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